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By: Adam Basciano


Every time I sit down and watch “Man of Steel”, I am awestruck with how incredible the Krypton segment of the movie is.  When I watch, I constantly wish there was more of the film set on Superman’s home world, often remarking that I would watch an entire 2 hour film set on Krypton. While it might not be in film, it seems as though I’m getting my wish via television.  And no, I’m not talking about potential flashback scenes on the recently announced “Supergirl” series.  Thanks to the recent success of prequel series “GOTHAM” on FOX, and the CW”s “SMALLVILLE”, that preceded it; “Man Of Steel writer/producer David Goyer is involved in a TV show called Krypton.  The name suggests a pre-Superman drama set on the planet Krypton, maybe involving the House Of El, maybe Brainiac, maybe an end of the world cult, maybe lots of dragons flying around the place.”

David Goyer

I know that DC Entertainment C.O.O. Geoff Johns recently stated that the movie universe and television universe operate in a “Multiverse”, giving them the autonomy to tell separate stories. However, he did state that the potential for crossovers was available, if the right opportunity presented itself. With David Goyer having been involved with “Man of Steel” and also being involved with “Krypton”, it makes sense to have the Krypton of the film, and the Krypton of the television series be one and the same. Given how far ahead in time the TV series would be, combined with Krypton’s ultimate fate, it wouldn’t interfere or “step on the toes” of future film plans. And if the film and show are not connected, how would “Krypton” affect the aforementioned “Supergirl.” television series? Either way, there are plenty of comic book stories, prior to Krypton’s destruction that can be used for inspiration.

(Source: Bleeding Cool)