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By: Adam Basciano

Krypton logo

Not long ago, I wrote an article about a rumored live action tv series focusing on Superman’s alien home world. That rumor has been made a reality. “Syfy is turning to David Goyer, the man behind The Man of Steel  to develop Superman origin story Krypton, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.” Yes, the man responsible for writing the best live action version of Superman’s native land depicted in live action, is going to get to play in that sandbox for a longer period of time then just the 20 minutes we saw in “Man of Steel.” I know David Goyer has his detractors, but in my opinion his work for Warner Brothers/DC Comics properties has been consistently good. “The Dark Knight Trilogy”, “Man of Steel”, and television series “Constantine” are examples of this.  If anything, it’s been Goyer’s Marvel work that has been suspect, but maybe that’s just a case of Marvel having inferior characters? Well at least the ones he’s worked on.  Joining Goyer on the “Krypton” project is Ian Goldberg, who is best known to television audiences for “Once Upon A Time.”

The World of Krypton

Krypton is described as follows; “Years before the Superman legend we know, the House of El was shamed and ostracized. This series follows The Man of Steel’s grandfather as he brings hope and equality to Krypton, turning a planet in disarray into one worthy of giving birth to the greatest Super Hero ever known.” It’s worth noting, that I am extremely pleased that this series is headed to Syfy.  While they’ve strayed in recent years, when they focus on actual science fiction content instead of realty show’s they have a great track record. “Battlestar Galactica”, “Alphas”, “& “Dominion”, are prime examples.  If I had to guess, I’d think Goyer and Goldberg would be looking at John Byrne’s “World of Krypton” mini series for some ideas.  However, there are various stories throughout Superman’s 75 year history that delve into Krypton’s past to some degree that could be consulted.  The fact is, in live action terms, despite the Superman story constantly being retold, we know very little about “Krypton”, so the possibilities are endless.

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