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By: Darryl Frisbie


Critical information is leaked about Jim Gordon and the trail leads to Selina Kyle. The story opens to an assassin named Larissa Diaz aka Copperhead who approaches the Wayne Manor property and kills a yard worker. She smears blood on her forehead to make it appear as if she was in a car accident and then plays the victim when she meets Alfred. Her gang storms the Manor and Alfred, who clearly has some military training, does his best to fight off the mob. He warns Bruce and Selina to make a run for it. Bruce and Selina make their escape and head towards downtown Gotham. Selina Kyle is the one that is the target. Bruce is deeply concerned for Alfred and wants to get to the nearest phone for help. Selina follows along with Bruce’s plan, only to maintain his company and stall for time. Eventually Bruce gets street clothes to blend in and they take refuge at a place where a bunch of street kids take shelter. They come in contact with Ivy Pepper who frankly comes off as a very pale and creepy kid.


Jim Gordon confronts Harvey Dent and becomes furious when he discovers that his name was leaked as a source to the paper. Alfred and Jim are hot on the trail to find Bruce and Selina. They go to Fish Mooney’s club where they deal with her bodyguard Butch. Alfred goes hard-core on Butch by the threatening him with a knife. They eventually see Fish Mooney and strike a deal in order to find Bruce.

Alfred Looks For Fish

At some point Jim meets with Lovecraft to discover if he truly was involved in the Wayne murders. Lovecraft seems to be innocent and is willing to share vital information with Jim. He opens his briefcase and before you know it Copperhead shows up, killing Lovecraft with Jim Gordon’s gun. What seems to be confusing to me is that Jim doesn’t seem to be the least curious about Lovecraft’s briefcase.

Bruce & Selina find an escape

Copperhead gets closer to finding Selina before she manages to escape and Bruce is found by Alfred. There is a tender moment where Bruce hugs Alfred with relief. I love how tough Alfred is in this show! He’s not some weak grandpa figure but can really put up a fight.

Gordon Enters Arkham

The mayor tries to cover up the murder of Lovecraft by calling it a suicide and blaming Jim Gordon for being too belligerent. Jim pays a big price by losing his position at the Gotham police station and is relocated to Arkham Asylum. It’s unfortunate for Jim but this opens the opportunity for us to see the makings of some of Gotham’s greatest villains emerging from Arkham! The Joker perhaps? That may be too early but I would like to see a few more easter eggs at Arkham. It will be exciting to see what happens. Great episode. Oh and I almost forgot but Bruce gets that coveted kiss from Selina.

Overall Grade: 10/10