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  Darryl Frisbie


Ian Hargrove is a pawn in Fish Mooney’s plan to siphon Falcone’s power. Ian who is a bomb maker is infamous but misunderstood. He has bombed plenty of buildings but not to cause casualties, rather to take out artillery and weapons manufacturing factories. He is being transported when all of sudden his transport gets hijacked by Russians and he is captured. The Russians force him to make a bomb to eliminate a bunch of security guards but he leaves a clue inside the bomb basket, which will reveal the warehouse where he is being held captive. Nygma recovers the clue and lets Gordon and Bullock take it from there. They find Ian but end up in a heavy shootout with his captors but The Russians get away with him. Eventually towards the end they blow up a vault containing Falcone’s money but Jim Gordon is tipped off and has them surrounded by the police. Fish Mooney’s plan almost worked but the car full of money is blown up.

GOTHAM - Harvey Dent

The heart of this episode is the ongoing investigation over the Wayne killings. A well regarded lawyer is put on the case, Harvey Dent! Nicholas D’Agosto plays the part so well that he is flawless and we truly believe he is Gotham’s white knight. Meanwhile, Selina Kyle, who witnessed the Wayne murders, is safe guarded at Wayne Manor. Harvey Dent has a very clear and concise plan to prosecute Lovecraft. Lovecraft is a big business man who has had dealings with Falcone, Maroni, and the Wayne’s. Harvey Dent says he’ll threaten Lovecraft by telling him he has a reliable source to connect him to the Wayne murders. Jim Gordon makes it clear to Harvey he does not want his name and Selina’s name to be brought up. Harvey agrees to Jim Gordon’s terms. In a very revealing confrontation between Harvey and Lovecraft, we see Harvey’s rage when Lovecraft denies his implication in the crime. We see the duality in Harvey Dent and see his aggressive dark side. This is what makes Gotham so relevant because it tackles with the dark truth that each of us have a dual nature and that there is a degree of mania that lies hidden within humanity.

GOTHAM - Bruce & Selina Meet

Something refreshing to this episode is seeing Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle interact with each other. While Selina comes off as guarded, she is also very playful with Bruce. We see Alfred and Bruce box with each other and Selina reminds Bruce that in a real fight there will be no gloves. Throughout the episode Selina warns Bruce that despite all his exercises in discipline, it will not be enough to survive on the streets. On more than one account she insists on getting a kiss from Bruce and even makes a game out of it by having a food fight. The moments we see between these two are mostly in good humor but there are times where you wonder if Selina has ulterior motives. Bruce is very open and honest with her but with Selina she has mastered concealing her feelings.

GOTHAM - Barbara & Montoya

Back to Jim Gordon’s affairs, we get to see at the end where Barbra has run off to. I totally knew beforehand that she was sleeping with Montoya and this only makes me dislike her character more! I still wonder if the writers have an agenda to appeal to a LGBT audience, but frankly I find it a pretty trivial subplot. It just makes me lament Jim’s predicament. It’s as Joker said to Jim in “The Dark Knight”- “Does it depress you to know just how alone you really are?” Overall I loved this episode. The storylines are becoming more engaging and the plot more coherent.

Overall Grade: 10/10