By: Jeremy M. Kossak

Issue two starts out with Superman studying a star chart before General Lane walks in the scene, presumably to give the Man of Steel a lecture. Instead, Lane briefly talks about the fire monster (See issue one still on sale!) before asking about his daughter. Clark thinks back to his visit with Lois at the Planet as she was unpacking in her new office. Clark comments that he’ll miss working with Lois and that she’ll be safer where she is. Despite her new role, Lois will miss the competition with Clark and assures him they’re still friends. On his way out, Clark brushes off Cat Grant. We flash back to the present with Superman leaving General Lane. The action begins as Superman, contemplating where to go next, tunes into his super hearing to hear a couple of voices on the streets. Suddenly our hero is pummeled around Metropolis! The problem is everyone can see the mysterious assailant but Superman! Thankfully, Lois is watching the entire skirmish and realizes why Superman isn’t fighting back. Her quick thinking saves the Man of Steel when she orders Jimmy Olsen to keep his camera locked on the alien threat. A grateful Superman takes the fight to an electronic store and successfully takes down the creature. Before it disappeared, Superman was able to make a connection to this threat and the fire being with the one word he could make out…Krypton.

I felt this issue was a good balance between story and action with a dash of mystery. Although I miss the marriage, I’m enjoying the current relationship between Lois and Clark. I’m hoping we get to see how they became close, both personally and professionally. Out of all the New 52 titles out right now, I’m enjoying Superman the most. I’m actually enjoying it more than Action Comics. Nothing against Action, I just really like the Post-Flashpoint take on the Daily Planet. It is so refreshing to see Clark Kent’s “home base” is given the love it deserves. I firmly believe that the Man of Steel is only as strong as his supporting characters which have been missing from the super-titles for far too long. I hope whatever is happening with Sam Lane gets wrapped up quickly, I’m not all that into him being around again so soon after the New Krypton saga. However, I’m sure I’ll get over it quickly if there’s a good payoff somewhere down the line.

As far as art goes, Jesus Merino and Brian Buccellato do a great job making Superman stand out in each panel. The costume looks great. My only (minor) complaint is that it needs just a little more yellow, preferably in the belt, to make it a bit brighter. The art team does a great job bringing each character, and Metropolis, to life. I haven’t been this excited about Superman in a long time. Keep it coming DC!

Overall Grade: 9/10